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A letter from our Chief Life Sciences Officer

The negative health effects of cigarette smoking are long established. It is well known that, in the interest of one’s health, never smoking is the best choice. If someone is already smoking, the next best choice is to quit completely. But the fact is that around one billion people around the world still smoke, despite being fully aware of the negative health consequences. At the same time as smokers are encouraged to quit, those adults who don’t quit deserve pragmatic and sensible solutions that can help them make a better choice than continuing to smoke cigarettes.

This is why Philip Morris International (PMI) has spent years disrupting its core cigarette business by developing, assessing and marketing non-combustible alternatives to cigarettes. And we will continue to do so.

At PMI Science, we are working to expand the body of scientific evidence related to our smoke-free products. Our aim is to assess and demonstrate the harm reduction potential of these alternatives to cigarettes. Already, we have demonstrated that our tobacco heating system (THS) significantly reduces the formation of and exposure to harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.

Moving forward, and building on the past decade of experience, capabilities, and scientific work, we have started to execute a significant program of biomarker and clinical outcome studies to demonstrate individual clinical and public health benefit of our smoke-free products. Already, we have demonstrated that switching to THS can have a positive impact on smokers’ health.

As we did in the past, our results will be published on This website was built to summarize our scientific work and as a way to share our research that is the foundation of our smoke-free products in addition to publications in peer-reviewed journals. also showcases our expertise spanning many fields of research: basic science, biology, toxicology, inhalation delivery science and technology, regulatory, quality, and clinical science.

I feel privileged to lead this team of exceptional scientists. We keep the interests and welfare of the people for whom we have developed these products — adults who currently smoke — in the forefront and are doing science with the highest level of quality and integrity. I call on the scientific and academic community and policy makers to look at the scientific work going on here at PMI with an unbiased eye and open mind. Let us all work together for the larger public health good.

We are eager to hear your opinions. You can contact us here on or through our social media channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.


Badrul Chowdhury


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